Difference Between Transportation & Logistics

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Difference Between Transportation & Logistics:-

People need the help of the transport and logistics when they need to move anything from one place to another. Many times, people can’t distinct the services meant by transportation or logistic. But in any way, they play a vital role in a country’s economy. Industrial growth depends upon the availability of good transport in any locality.

In short, transportation means carrying only; whereas logistics is the total support related to shifting of things from the producer to the point of the end-user. It cares on both the inward and outward flow of the product; hence it is a vast area of work. Logistics start its introduction from procuring from the manufacturer’s end. Logistic people first accumulate things. Then transportation comes into play. Again, warehousing is another part of the logistic service. Thus, transportation is part of the total logistics system.

Huge manpower is required to run a proper logistics system. All of those must be skilled too. Here, every step is very important to get the total score. Hence supervising in each stage is necessary. Every movement is tracked in any logistic system. They are liable to answer to the customers for any mishap. Whereas a transporter never carries that much liability always. They are just moving the goods from here to there. A logistic company also provide insurance supports to their clients to compensate for any unexpected loss.

In aggregate, logistics is more authentic than a transporter for any shifting job. Once, the contract is made, the customer is free from any hassle regarding the job. From packing till the finish in the new location, they do the total with confidence. People also do not have that much of time to be involved in packing and lifting their things. Hence, they are getting more popular in today’s world. With the concept of urbanisation, the logistics business is growing like anything.

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